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The Newberg-Dundee Bypass Is Now Open

March 26, 2018

If you’ve ever visited our winery on a Saturday or Sunday, you know how frustrating the congestion can be driving on Highway 99 through Newberg and Dundee. But there’s good news—in January, the Newberg-Dundee Bypass was officially opened. This 11 mile road should eliminate much of the traffic, especially big trucks, that can make the trip longer than it should be. The turnoff is before entering downtown Newberg. After that, just follow the signs for Dundee/McMinnville. The bypass will drop you off at the west end of Dundee, so to get to the winery you will need to turn back towards town on Highway 99 and turn left on SW 9th. 

In other news, we haven’t been resting on our laurels this winter (more about that later). Inside the winery the crew is busy bottling wine, and outside in the vineyards the vines are getting pruned and prepped for the coming season.

Bottling Holloran Vineyard Wines

Holloran Vineyards unpruned rows of grapes Holloran Vineyards pruned vines

And the most exciting event of spring is bud break. Bud break is the first stage of growth for the vine, and usually occurs early to mid spring, depending on the weather and the type of grape. If the weather is exceptionally warm, the buds can break early and shoots will begin to grow. If there is a late freeze the delicate buds can be damaged. The picture below shows a vine that has been pruned this winter, with the buds getting ready to swell.

Holloran Vineyards vine in winter


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